Dinner can be chosen from the following menu.

Thank you truly for reserving LODGE NOMA (Hereafter, it is called our hotel). Your reservation is based on the RULES of our hotel. We would like to tell you matters that require attention when you stay our hotel. Please read this information and understand it enough before you stay at our hotel. If you have some questions, please feel free to ask about our hotel by e-mail.

Dinner menu Extra charges (per a person)
Set meal (fried food, cooked vegetables, and soup) Free
Serving pot (pork) 500yen
Sukiyaki (domestic beef) 500yen
sukiyaki (special product Tajima beef) 1500yen
Shabu-shabu (domestic beef) 500yen
Shabu-shabu (special product Tajima beef) 1500yen
Serving pot (duck meat) 1000yen
Serving pot (Matuba crab) 1500yen
Hachikita resort special cuisine Suki-shabu NABE 2500yen

Please choose breakfast from the following the menu. (the extra charges are not required)

This amount does not include consumer tax. 8% consumption tax.

Breakfast menu Contents (They are examples. Contents are often be changed.)
Japanese style breakfast(ex.) cooked rice, miso soup, grilled fish, boiled vegetables, rolled omelet, japanease pickles
Western style
bread, omelet, sausage, boiled vegetables, coffee or tea

Please read the following condition.

If you don't have any requests about meals, you are supposed to have set meal for dinner and Japanese style meal for breakfast.

Please inform us supper and the breakfast menu when you reserve. If you cannot decide your menus at that time, inform us by 8PM before three days of the staying day at latest if you have any requests, please.

Please unify menu of your company. We are afraid that we only accept one menu for your group.

However, please consult when you would like to have two or more menus by special reasons. Please let us correspond as much as possible.  In that case, you can select from two kinds among the dinner menu.


Capacity(people) 2 adhering to Morning adhering to
2 people 9,500yen 8,500yen
3 people 9,000yen 8,000yen
4 people 8,500yen 7,500yen
5 people or more 8,000yen 7,000yen
The hall 10 people or more 7,500yen 6,500yen

※ Before holiday includes Friday and the New Year holidays (from Dec. 30 to Jan. 3).

※ This amount does not include consumer tax. 8% consumption tax.

1. Charge classification

Adult junior high school student or more
Child elementary school student
Infant (3-6 years old) Except child
Baby 2 years old or less

Child charge = discount 1000JPY on adult charge
Infant charge = discount 1500JPY on adult charge
(Infant charge without meal = discount 3000JPY on adult charge of plan A, discount 2000JPY on adult charge of plan B)

2. About baby

Baby charge is 1000JPY per one night as an entrance fee. We don't serve baby guest with any meals or bedding. Therefore, we don't count baby guest among your group.(ex. If your group consists of 2 adults, 1 infant and 1 baby, we consider that your group consists of 3 people.)

3. About OHIROMA or the hall (If you would like to make a reservation, you need 10people at least.)

You can stay at the hall. But it is not equipped with a safety box and the door lock. You can use TV and central heating. After 8AM, this room is used as a place for guests luggage.

4. We offer you discount , if you stay our hotel successively.

Guests who are going to stay at our hotel 2 overnights or more can get a 500JPY discount per overnight. (Except baby)

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